Our Solutions for Electric and Hybrid Engines

As a follower and supporter of greener energy sources, we have expanded our activities to a second segment: cars with electric motors. We are ready to propose new solutions to our customers based on our wide product range, experience and enthusiasm.

Our Solutions for Combustion Engines

Our well-experienced expert team has already been serving the automotive market for decades, delivering many internal components to manufacturers of cars with internal combustion engines. Our product range is suited for all car types with combustion engines, whether they are driven by fuel, diesel or CNG (compressed natural gas).

Our Dolph’s® potting resin product lines are ideally suited to protecting most sensors, including parking sensors, speed sensors, inductive sensors, sensors for autonomous driving, air pressure and air flow sensors, temperature and positioning sensors, and tire pressure and break pressure sensors.

Dolph’s® provides cost-effective solutions for today’s high-volume production runs.

Dolph’s® products:

  • Potting and encapsulation:
    • Epoxy
    • Polyurethane
    • Polybutadiene

Von Roll Dolph’s® offers different products tailor-made for hybrid cars and electric vehicle components. Our vast experience with impregnating resins, flexible laminates and wire conductors ensures the long-term functioning of these essential components of electric cars.

Von Roll Dolph’s® products:

  • Flat and litz wires
  • Impregnating resins for wire protection
  • Flexible laminates for slot insulation
  • Potting resins

Contactless energy transfer is an emerging topic for electric vehicles that will become increasingly important in future years. Von Roll is already serving this market with its wireless charging solutions, which comprise high-frequency litz wires for primary and secondary coils, potting resins for fixing and protecting coils, and specialty composites for electromagnetic field protection of the driver and the mechanical integrity of the coil box in the car.

Von Roll Dolph’s® products:

  • High-frequency litz wires
  • Electromagnetic field shielding composites
  • Potting resins

Von Roll Dolph’s® offers different products for manufacturers of internal combustion engines, especially for starters and alternators. We have extensive experience with impregnating resins, flexible laminates and round wires designed to ensure the long-term functionality of these applications.

Von Roll Dolph’s® products:

  • Flexible materials for slot insulation
  • Round wires
  • Impregnating resins
  • Banding tapes
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