Flexible Electrical Insulation

The multilayer laminates from Von Roll are manufactured by laminating aramid paper (e.g. Nomex®) with polyester or polyimide films, coupling polyester fleece with polyester film as well as by laminating other materials.

The flexible laminates from Von Roll are registered under the trade names Myoflex® and Acuflex®.

Combining materials makes it possible to vary the characteristics and properties of laminates, and to optimize their functionality


  • Ability to work under different operating temperatures
  • Optimized material tensile strength and stiffness
  • Increased resistance to breakdown voltage
  • Improved impregnation capacity


Von Roll flexible laminates are high-quality products used mainly for slot and phase insulation in motors as well as for insulating transformers.

Polyglas® banding tapes are B-staged resin-bonded unidirectional glass or Kevlar yarns used to band and fix parts of electrical devices to withstand mechanical stress during operation. These tapes are typically used for banding motor coils and transformer cores and coils.


Polyglas® tapes offer outstanding properties and performance, including:

  • High tensile strength
  • Sufficient elasticity to strongly fix the windings
  • Fast and easy application
  • Resin binder able to withstand harsh operating environments
    • Temperature
    • Moisture
    • Chemical attack


Polyglas® tapes are suitable for banding all kinds of motor rotor coils and overhangs; for tying cores, coils, and columns of dry and oil transformers; and for bracing and locking any form wound coils and parts.

Polyglas® tapes are banded according to specific conditions. After banding, Polyglas® must be cured to achieve the final properties and to form a rigid and homogeneous ring. The tension retained during the application process enables this ring to maintain the integrity of the parts throughout the life of the machine.
Flexible Electrical Insulation
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