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Our Solutions for Household and Domestic appliances

A wide range of Dolph’s® products are used in household appliances. All these materials contribute to the performance and reliability of household equipment. They offer manufacturers best-in-class materials with outstanding properties that combine electrical insulation and mechanical, fire and high-temperature resistance.

Dolph’s® offers a wide variety of products to manufacturers of household appliances. We divide these appliances into three categories:

Domestic apparatus with small electric motors running inside, such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, mixers, blenders, fridges and power tools.

Domestic equipment that requires heat-resistant materials, such as toasters, hair dryers, heaters and similar tools.

Induction equipment with contactless energy transfer, such as induction cooking plates, microwave ovens, electrical toothbrushes and induction charging for private parking garages.


Dolph’s® offers a great variety of insulation materials for low-voltage machines. For every application there is an ideal set of materials that form a fully compatible and reliable system with cost-effective solutions for modern mass production.

Insulation systems for low-voltage stator applications typically consist of the following materials:

a) Impregnating resins
b) Flexible laminates for slot insulation
c) Adhesive tapes
d) Gel coat resins
e) Winding wires
g) Flat and litz wires
i) Slot-Liner
h) Slot-Wedge
j) Banding Tape

    • Potting resins*
    • Overcoat varnishes*

*These products are not visible in the picture.

Most of these low-voltage products are listed under different UL thermal classes.

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