Damisol® 3418 API

Damisol® 3418 API

Base : One component class H high voltage Epoxy resin, without any VOC (Volatile organic compound) refering to the European legislation 1999/13/CE. Thermal index 200°C (IEC 60216 10% weightloss end of life criterium). Its low viscosity enables room temperature easy impregnation. Outstanding behaviour after ageing at high temperature.
Also available in two components (Damisol 3418-1A & Damisol 3418-1B) for long transport.

Key Properties

Class H, VOC free high voltage Epoxy impregnation resin
One component low viscosity resin for room temperature impregnation in combination with Von Roll Samicapor® non catalyzed mica tapes
High dielectrical properties- Tangente delta max.10% at high temperature.
High thermal and chemical resistance properties
Suitable for API (American Petroleum Institute) motors & generators market


Chemical Base Epoxy
Viscosity 23°C 200 - 600 mPa.s
Application Rotating Machines > 1kV

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